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4 axis processing center4 axis processing center4 axis processing center

4 Axis Processing Center

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Product Categories

  • This machine use moving beam, moving column gantry frame structure. It works more smoothly and stable and improves the machine processing rigidity.

  • Suitable for complex parts processing which use all kinds of aluminum, copper, upvc, industrial profile.

  • It could finish multi-procedure processing such as milling, drilling and tapping with one-time clamping.

  • This machine adopts imported well-known brand, easy to operate high-end cnc control system Germany Siemens or Italy Osai.

  • This machine adopts imported servo motor, ball screw, linear guide rail and bearing. These could ensure the machine processing more accuracy, more stable, and more reliable.

  • This machine uses high precision linear guide rail, ball screw, rack and pinion, and imported servo motor. These could ensure the movement smoothly and stable and keep the positioning and processing more accuracy.

  • The feeding movement is pre-stretched to ensure the stability of the machining accuracy.

  • We use the imported 5 axis milling head to finish all surfaces processing beside the bottom at any angle.

  • Automatic milling cutter changing with row-knife-type. Optional: vertical disco tool magazine.

  • Automatic lubrication system could lubricate the machine with fixed quantity at regularly time. This will ensure the stability of the machine accuracy.

  • This machine uses pneumatic clamping table to improve the loading speed. Optional: T-type table.

  • This machine adopts imported Renishaw interferometer detection to compensate the machine accuracy.

Main spindle power12KW
Air resource pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Travel X-axis7000mm(customized)
Travel Y-axis1400mm
Travel Z-axis550mm
Speed X-axis0-60m/min
Speed Y-axis0-30m/min
Speed Z-axis0-20m/min
Y/Z positioning error±0.02mm

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