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CNC Cutting Center

Shipping Port:Qingdao Port / According to your request
Payment:T/T, ACH, Fedwire, SEPA
Packing:Standard Packing
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Product Categories

  • It is suitable for aluminum window and door profile cutting with high efficiency.

  • It could cut 45 and 90 degree.

  • Feeding table clamp profile automatically. And Feed profile continuously and accurately.

  • Moving parts use high-precision linear guide rail. So that it will Keep machine run smoothly&ensure accuracy.

  • We use Siemens control system to ensure the machine running stable and reliable.

  • Innovative saw blade travel path effectively avoids sweeping profile while the blade return.

  • The machine also uses fully protective shell to ensure the safety of operator.

  • Automatic optimized profile cutting.

  • The movement of the manipulator is driven by Siemens servo motor. It uses the imported high precision gear rack transmission. This could ensure the feeding precision.

  • This machine is used the imported motor connecting the saw blade directly. Therefore this could make the cutting smoothly and steady with high processing accuracy.

  • Optional: profile lifting table.

  • Optional: bar code printer (set up the E-work digital factory system)

Cutting blade power3×2.2KW
Air resource pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Blade specificationΦ500mm & Φ400mm
Cutting profile length6000mm
Cutting profile width20-150mm
Cutting profile height20-100mm
Valid cutting length350-5800mm
Cutting angle±45° 90°
Angle error±5´
Cutting length error±0.2mm
Re-position error±0.05mm
Overall dimension14000mm x 5500mm x2000mm
Profile feeding power2.2Kw
Saw blade lifting power1.5Kw
After-cutting profile transmission power1.0Kw

Check the video to watch how this machine working:

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