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CNC Four Head Corner Crimping Machine

CNC Four Head Corner Crimping Machine

Shipping Port:Qingdao Port / According to your request
Payment:T/T, ACH, Fedwire, SEPA
Packing:Standard Packing
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Product Categories

  • Suitable for aluminum window and door assemble.

  • One time crimping could finish 4 corners.

  • Clamping device could move front – back automatically. Easy to operate.

  • Crimping blade could be adjusted front-back, left-right. Suitable for different profiles.

  • Adopt ball screw to control the head moving. Repeat positioning with high accuracy.

  • Innovative saw blade travel path effectively avoids sweeping profile while the blade return.

  • Imported CNC control system. Easy to operate. Running smoothly and stable.

Input power7.5KW
Air resource pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Oil pressure15Mpa
 Oil tank capacity40L
Max. profile width100mm
Max. frame size1800x3200mm
Min. frame size560x560mm
Overall dimension4700mm x 2000mm x2600mm

Check the video to watch how this machine working:

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Check below pictures to see more about this machine:

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Check the machines in PDF files. And you could also download or print this PDF file.

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